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Frequently Asked Questions


I am a returning Rider. How do I register to ride VeloSano 5?

What are the routes?

How old do I need to be to ride VeloSano?

Is there a registration fee and what does it cover?

To ride VeloSano, what are the fundraising commitments?

Is a youth/young adult/military discount offered?

What is my Required Self-Pledge and why is it required to complete my registration?

Will my money be refunded if I can no longer participate in VeloSano?

Can I change my route distance?

What is the deadline to reach my fundraising commitment and what if I don't reach my commitment?

What time does the ride start?

What kind of ride is VeloSano?

What kind of support is provided on the road?

In addition to a standard bicycle, what other types of bikes are permitted in VeloSano?

Can I ride with a bicycle trailer or handlebar bicycle seat with my pet or child?

What is a Big Wheeler?

I want to set my fundraising goal higher than the minimum and become a Big Wheeler. Do I have to commit to becoming a Big Wheeler at time of registration?

How do I Login to my Participant Center?

What are the badges I see on VeloSano Riders and Virtual Riders' Pages?

What are the logistics for Two-Day Riders?

Can family and friends greet me upon my arrival at The College of Wooster?