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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I start a team?

Do all team members have to ride the same distance or can each Rider ride a different route?

How many people do we need to register as a team?

Can a Virtual Rider or Volunteer be on my team, even though I'm riding?

Can a team have more than one (1) Team Captain?

What if I am a returning Team Captain and want to reinstate my team for 2018?

How do I join a team?

I registered as an individual, but now want to join a team, how do I join a team?

Can our team produce a custom team jersey?

Can I form a team of Volunteers?

Where can I get help developing marketing materials?

Can we accept Team donations?

Can existing Team Funds be distributed to individual team members?

Can we solicit donations for our team members by hosting an event?

How do we process checks and cash team donations?

If I have exceeded my fundraising goal, can I transfer donations to a team member who has not met their fundraising minimum?

Need help or have questions about team registration for VeloSano?