Living Hope

Owen Timura

Owen Timura

"Living Hope"

In September of 2015, Owen Timura noticed a lump in his lower abdomen. This lump was thought to be an infection and he was treated for several weeks with antibiotics. This stubborn lump refused to go away so it was suggested that he have surgery to just simply drain it. On November 13, 2015, Owen went in for surgery but unfortunately this healthy and active 8 year old boy was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. This rare form of lymphoma is typically found in 1% of all children. Owen was quickly accepted into a study of 200 kids nationwide to receive an experimental drug in addition to several other chemotherapy drugs.  Owen and his family spent six months going through treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. The Timura family was determined to fight and stare down cancer and all the horrible side effects that would come along with the treatment. Their courage and strength as a family however, came from Owen himself. He lost his hair, was confined to the house, spent weeks at a time in the hospital, couldn’t go to school, wasn't allowed to participate in sports, endured endless pokes and tests, and some days just didn’t feel like himself. However, he never once complained. 

On April 4, 2016, Owen’s PET scans showed that he was officially in remission. Owen was slowly able to return to the life that every eight year old boy should be living. Owen, who is now eleven years old, is a sixth grader grader at Olmsted Falls Middle School. He is healthy, active and grateful for the doctors and nurses that helped him on this journey. He will be riding in his third VeloSano ride this summer with his mother as a Living Hope participant. It is an emotional ride as him and his mother ride along side of the doctors and nurses that just a few short years ago took care of him. 

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