Rider Tracking using RaceJoy


RaceJoy Live Phone Tracking How-To

  1. Download RaceJoy: Download the Racejoy App to your smartphone or tablet from the App Store or GooglePlay.
  2. Find VeloSano: In the search bar, type "VeloSano" and hit "search". Then click on "VeloSano".
  3. Set Up: Follow the prompts carefully to get set up properly for ride day.

Track Me How-To

  1. Set Up Tracking: Click PhoneTrak and follow the prompts carefully.
  2. Carry Your Phone: Participants must carry their claimed device during the ride in order to be tracked.
  3. Click START MY RACE in the starting chute: This begins your ride tracking.
  4. Re-live VeloSano in "Buzz": Click "Buzz" to review your alerts and replay cheers!
Note: You must access and start tracking your ride in RaceyJoy on ride day to activate GPS tracking. 
Warning: Do NOT use Wi-Fi on ride day. This will cause tracking to disengage.

Track Others How-To

  1. Add participants to your participants list:
    • Click on the icon on the upper corner of your screen and search for your participant.
  2. Track them in a map view:
    • ​Apple Users: click the feet icon at the bottom of the screen.
    • ​Android Users: click the Track button at the top menu bar.
  3. ​Track them with GPS-based progress alerts:
    • You will automatically receive these once you've added people to your participant list.
    • Click Buzz and then Progress Alerts to view alerts received.
    • The number of alerts vary by VeloSano route and are typically sent out at every Rest Stop.
    • Make sure you have your Notifications ON and your volume up to receive alerts.

Live Tracking Verification