Announcing the 2021 All-In VeloSano Award Recipient!

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As each year comes to a close, we celebrate all that was accomplished together.  We also highlight one particular individual, team or group for their exceptional efforts and contribution to VeloSano and cancer research at Cleveland Clinic by presenting them with the All-In VeloSano Award. 

Previous All-In VeloSano (AIV) award recipients Michael Coburn, John Anderson, Team Jones Day, Team Flying Frank, Caroline El Sanadi, Team Metro Lexus and the 2020 Virtual VeloSano Community have gone above and beyond to show their support and this year’s recipient is no exception. 

Watch this video to find out who is awarded the coveted AIV golden cowbell. Then, ring your cowbell by sharing this video with your social network and post a big VeloSano congratulations! 

Thank You For Another Successful Year of Making a Difference 

Each and every person who joined us in VeloSano 8 (2021) made a significant impact to raise a record-breaking $5.1 million that will soon be awarded to amazing cancer researchers at Cleveland Clinic to fund their lifesaving work. 

VeloSano is not possible without you. We recognize and appreciate every Rider, Virtual Fundraiser, Volunteer, Partner and Donor for being 1OO% for the cure!