Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Riders

Team VeloSano
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Safety is a top priority throughout Bike to Cure and in the weeks of training that lead up to it.  Take a moment to review these basic safety tips before you hop on your bike. 
First things first, you need to wear a helmet. Any Rider without a helmet will not be able to participate, so be sure to get one right away if you don’t have one.  
Bike to Cure Riders follow the “Rules of the Road”, which means you will ride with car traffic and must abide by all traffic laws. It’s important to note that roads and intersections are not closed to traffic, so you have to obey all stop signs and traffic signals.
We have several resources dedicated to helping you learn the rules of the road:
  • Safety Information – This document includes a list of road rules and safety precautions to keep in mind as you ride.
  • VeloSano Rider Safety – In this video, Tim Richards, co-host of The Jen & Tim Show on Cleveland’s Star 102, takes you through the importance of bike safety and proper bike etiquette.
Bike safety is an integral part of who we are and why we are able to pull off a successful event every year. So, have fun, be safe and Bike to Cure!