Using Your Rider Dashboard

Team VeloSano
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Your Rider Dashboard provides many tools that can help you meet your fundraising commitment. From asking for donation support, to sharing real-time updates with your friends and family and sending emails to thank your donors, we have everything you need all in one spot.

How to Find You Dashboard

  1. In the top right corner on, click on “Login” (from your smartphone, this will be under “MENU”) 
  2. Click "LOGIN"
  3. Enter the Login details - Email and Password - you entered and set-up when you registered
  4. After you Login, click the “Go To Your Page” drop-down menu and click on your name 
  5. This takes you to your personal fundraising page. Click the “MANAGE” button to access your Personal Fundraising Dashboard. 

Here's what it looks like:

What You Can Do with Your Dashboard

This tab contains some suggestions for quick updates you can make to personalize your page, and as you scroll down, the ability for you to see your personal fundraising progress as well as the that of your team (if applicable).
Here is where you personalize your fundraising page. Share why you are involved – for research, for a loved one, for yourself; and how you are involved (distance you’re riding, activity you're doing as a Virtual Fundraiser, volunteering, etc.). You can also add photos or videos to your page to make your message even more impactful. Taking the time to add a personal touch to your page will inspire people to donate to you. (NOTE: Your page will contain “Why I Ride” generic/default text until you personalize it)

View your donors in the “Donations” tab. The donor name and any message they have sent with their donation will appear here (unless the donation was anonymous). Be sure to send a quick thank-you for their support! This message will be displayed to the comment wall on your page, and your donor(s) will receive an email notification with a link to view your message.
In this tab, you will find a generic template (that you can customize) to ask for donations and another to thank your donors.
Please note that you must copy and paste the message into your native e-mail (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) to send.
This tab allows you to create a Facebook Fundraiser, which integrates with your Personal Fundraising Page, streamlines your reach to friends, family, even acquaintances that you may not have otherwise asked for support. And best of all, donations are credited at the time gifts are made. CLICK HERE to learn more.

In the “Details” tab, you can change the main aspects of your page, such as your nickname, the headline and your fundraising goal. You can also customize the URL that links to your fundraising page to include your name (or whatever you like) to encourage donations. 
Sharing Your Page
Click on the links at the top of the “Manage” section to share your fundraising page and progress to your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or through e-mail via a link. (FUN FACT! You can also share via text message when viewing your Dashboard via your smartphone.)
Post Updates
Within the “Story” tab, you can write real-time updates that are shared to the comment wall on your page and to everyone who has donated to you via your page. For instance, you can give a recap of a fundraising event you may have hosted / attended, or write about a great training ride you had with your teammates as you get ready for Bike to Cure weekend. This keeps your supporters up-to-date with your progress so they can see how committed you are to the cause. Another great time to use this feature is after Bike to Cure weekend to let everyone know about your experience, share a photo and to thank them again for supporting you.