To an Individual or Team

Use the search function above to make a credit card online donation to a VeloSano Participant or Team.  

Check or Cash

Check donations are accepted by mail. Download and complete this form to ensure that your donation is properly credited. Participants wishing to deposit checks should download, complete and include the form when submitting their donations. Have a cash donation? Contact us to coordinate an in-person drop-off at VeloSano Headquarters. Email: | Voicemail: 216.444.6150

Employer Match

Really make an impact with your donation! Last year, over $140,000 was collected for cancer research through matching gifts. CLICK HERE to see if your employer offers a match program.

General Donation

Make a donation to VeloSano and support lifesaving cancer research. NOTE: VeloSano falls under Cleveland Clinc's 501(c)(3) non-profit designation, Tax ID 34-0714585.

VeloSano is a trademark of Cleveland Clinic and shares the same 501(c)3 non-profit status and tax ID 34-0714585. Your donation is tax deductible within the guidelines of  U.S. law.
Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) are very effective charitable giving vehicles whereby donors set aside money to be granted to charitable organizations. You can support a VeloSano Rider with a DAF grant. 
When processing a DAF grant through a charitable giving account, search for the Cleveland Clinic Foundation or VeloSano by tax ID (34-0714585). Enter in Notes/Comments: Please make check payable to VeloSano and send to PO Box address on file or PO Box 933441; Cleveland, OH 44193. Memo on Check/Purpose: Support VeloSano and Participant/Team Name.
VeloSano typically receives DAF grant checks within two weeks and credits a Rider's fundraising immediately upon receipt.

Where the Money Goes

Cancer is not just one disease; it is many diseases. VeloSano is unique in that every dollar raised by its participants is allocated to lifesaving cancer research. Cleveland Clinic is committed to utilizing these funds in the most efficient and effective ways possible to ensure the greatest impact. Every mile that VeloSano participant's ride and every dollar that donors give inspires Cleveland Clinic caregivers to pursue research that will make a difference in patients' lives.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are vital to the overall knowledge and progress against cancer. Most of today,s standard treatments for cancer began in clinical trials. It is through clinical trials that cancer researchers are able to test the effectiveness of new drugs compared to current therapy, pioneer new surgical techniques, and establish more precise screening tools.

With funding provided by VeloSano, we can offer more clinical trials designed by Cleveland Clinic researchers in the emerging areas of cancer genomics and immunotherapy to our patients, ensuring they have the best chance of success in beating cancer.


The field of genomics is expanding rapidly - beyond simply identifying genes that predict a patient's cancer risk. Oncologists are increasingly able to individualize a patient's cancer treatment after identifying genetic mutations in a tumor - ones that may be absent from all the patient's other cells.

In the future, it is possible that we will treat cancer by its underlying genomic make-up, rather than where it is located in the body. Cleveland Clinic is one of the first cancer centers in the nation to offer a genomics-based approach to cancer care.


Immunotherapy stimulates the body's immune system to fight cancer. As tumor cells grow, they begin to produce proteins that shield themselves from a person's immune system. Immunotherapy drugs are able to break that shield and stimulate the body's immune system to attack the tumor cells.

Treatment for melanoma, an often deadly form of skin cancer, has been revolutionized by the introduction of new immunotherapy drugs. Cleveland Clinic is researching how this immunotherapy can help patients with other difficult-to-treat cancers, including bladder, brain, lung and kidney cancer.